Cloth Paper Scissors (Summer 2005, Issue 3)


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Features: An Affair to Remember: Art Party Invitation by Cindy O'Leary; Art Invitation Challenge; Fusion-dyed Collage by Traci Bautista; Igniting Sparks by Allison Strine; Wild wire Weaving by Alysn Midgelow Marsden; Women of Influence: Lesley Riley and Susan "Lucky" Shie by Cate Coulacos Prato; Time Travel by Linda Blinn; Capturing Nature in Paper by Elli Woodsford; Submerged in Beeswax: A New Way to Collage by Virginia Spiegel; Artist Profile: Frances Pickering by Cate Coulacos Prato; Transfers: Master Class by Lesley Riley; Embellishing Your Felted Pieces by Sarah Lawrence; Washers, Washers, Everywhere by Claudine Hellmuth; Painted Textures by Margaret Talbot. In Each Issue: Musings; Now Read This; The In Box; Who Did This? OUr Contributors; Popping the Querstion: Who's Your Art Guru? The Workshop: Using a Heat Gun to Make Your Art Sizzle by Patricia Bolton; Pushing the Envelope: Faux Postage by Rosina Lippi; I Made This! "Tea with Mrs. Jones" By Sandi Welch; Marketplace; An Artist's Journey: Sing Your Own Song by Loretta Benedetto Marvel.